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Baptismal Class of 2011 - - 2nd Group

Baptismal Class of 2011 - - 2nd Group

Baptismal Class of 2011 - - 2nd Group

Baptismal Class of 2011 - - 2nd Group

Class of 2011 - 2nd Baptism Group

Class of 2011 - 2nd Baptism Group

Conference Level Bible Achievement 1st Place Winners (Team A)

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Columbus Ghanaian SDA Summer 2011 Event Trailers:



 Bible Achievement Teams for 2011

The Columbus Ghanaian SDA Church Pathfinder Club Came 2nd Place In The 'Pathfinder Bible Achievement' North America Division Level (Final Level) On April 15th-16th @ The Pioneer Memorial SDA Church In Berrien Springs, Michigan. Glory Be To The Most High God!!!


Men Ministries Weekend!!!
 Date: August 30th through Sept. 2nd, 2013

 Venue: Columbus Ghanaian SDA Church
            3191 Thornapple Drive, 
            Columbus, OH 43231

District Day of Fellowship!!!
 Date: Sept. 6th through Sept. 8th, 2013
 Venue: Columbus Ghanaian S.D.A Church
            3191 Thornapple Drive
            Columbus, OH 43231

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Spiritual Empowerment

Spiritual Empowerment - Dec 6, Sun 7:00 PM

    We are very happy that you found us on the web. We would love to have you as a regular visitor, whether in person at our church or online

    Columbus Ghanaian Seventh-day Adventist Church
    3191 Thornapple Drive
    Columbus, OH 43231


    Service Times:

    Sabbath School: 9:15 am
    Worship Service: 10:30 am

    Sunday Morning Prayer Sessions: 5:00 am

    Sunday Evening Bible Studies: 7:30 pm

    Wednesday Evening Prayer Meetings: 7:00 pm

    Friday Evening Service: 7:30 pm

    Pastor: Isaac B. Boateng
    Phone: 614-595-0475